Taylor Torres
Fine Art & Lifestyle Photographer




Taylor Torres is a 22 year old fine art & lifestyle photographer, model, and local influencer living and working in Houston, Texas. Many people will say Taylor is a hustler – you will never catch her still. Whether she is working two jobs, walking at casting calls, making her appearances in the Houston nightlife scene, or taking photos, she is always doing something. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Houston. Her love for fashion landed her in the women's designer department of Nordstrom styling clients. Among her many hustles, you can hire Taylor for private/in-home fashion consults, as well as photo sessions, modeling, brand collaborations, and local appearances.

If Taylor could describe herself in one word, it would be 'determined.' Ever since she was a little girl, she was a go-getter. Whether it be the cheer team, class president, joining a club, buying a car, or getting a promotion at her first job – she was bound and ready to do her best. This innate sense of determination has led Taylor to the many opportunities, skills, and passions she has today at only 22 years old.

When she's not working & socializing, Taylor is a Yelp Elite - exploring the foodie scene of Houston. She appreciates good coffee, novels, museums, films, artist talks, drinks, and music. Don't be surprised when she makes you get up on stage to do karaoke with her. She won't bite.


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04/28/2018 - Pancakes & Booze, Union, Los Angeles, CA
05/05/2018 - Pancakes & Booze, Elysium, Austin, TX