Taylor Torres
Fine Art & Lifestyle Photographer


Nightmares | Fine Art Photography

There comes a point in fine art when an idea crosses your mind, and you immediately feel the need to get out and take the images before the passion & excitement is gone – that's what happened with this nightmare themed shoot. In one of my photography classes, we were assigned a "dream" assignment. We could interpret these dreams literally, figuratively, as nightmares, or nearly anything we found inspired us. The catch? Shoot with a Holga! Instantly I had an idea for an eerie, snake-themed shoot complete with my husband's six year old ball python. A day after we were given the assignment, I found my model and shot these images in her backyard. It wasn't really 'planned,' and there wasn't a whole lot that went into it other than excitement and the rush of an arstitic idea. I literally said, "Hey, Kylie. Wear a white dress, and let's find a spot in your yard." Done deal. Shortly I'll share the analog version of this project because it took a lot of time & a lot of excitement to make some fantastic images. For now, enjoy these eerie images!