Taylor Torres
Fine Art & Lifestyle Photographer


The Tharpe Family | Tomball Lifestyle Session

Do you know how hard it is to keep {awesome} secrets? HARD! The Tharpe family is one of the coolest families I've had the opportunity to know and photograph. Aaron & Rachel are two super awesome people with two adorable daughters. Aaron is a fellow creative at Film Lab Creative. They inspire me to a great extent because it shows me how you can be a creative, a parent, and a spouse all at once... and do it well.

Of course, they had some awesome shots in mind for their winter mini-session this past December. After about 15 minutes into the session, we started walking to our next location {the field you'll see in the photos below}. All of a sudden, Rachel said, "Hey. We have a secret, and we're going to incorporate it into these photos. We're pregnant!" I got SO excited because I had no idea before the shoot! I had to keep this a secret for about a month and a half, and I was dying to share these adorable photos of their family. Their little 'baby' sign is so cute. Thankfully they announced it this past week, so I can share all the precious details!